Client: The World Bank Group

Duration: June 2017 – February 2018

Country: Greece



This is a Survey Solutions CAPI-administered survey being conducted on a sample of 2,500 households
in Greece – 500 of which are beneficiaries of the country’s nationwide GMI program, also called Social Solidarity
Income (SSI). The main responsibilities of Kapa Research in this project are:

  • Designing sampling protocols to ensure that the sample is representative of the population of Greek households, oversamples
    poor population, and representative of SSI beneficiaries, as well as preparing sampling weights to ensure that data is
    representative at the population level when analysis includes the oversampled groups,
  • Designing the questionnaire as a Survey Solutions CAPI instrument,
  • Piloting the questionnaire, and implementing corrections and adjustments,
  • Recruitment and training of field staff,
  • Conducting the survey and performing data quality management,
  • Preparing datasets and documentation for data usability, and bi-weekly fieldwork reports with information on challenges
    encountered, household replacements, results of quality controls, number of households re-interviewed by supervisor, and
    staff replacements.

The project is scheduled to be completed by February 2018, and will provide the basis for assessing performance
of the targeting design, and the implementation, as well as for robustly examining the impact of the SSI program
on various indicators including that of targeting performance, poverty effect, labor market outcomes and other
welfare indicators.