Client: The World Bank Group

Duration: February 2018 – March 2019

Country: Greece



This is a face-to-face Survey Solutions CAPI-administered survey conducted on a sample of 600 business establishments
in Greece, stratified by size, sector, and region. The main responsibilities of Kapa Research in this project are:

  • Constructing the most up-to-date sampling frame of business establishments in Greece, including establishment-level information on size, ISIC 3.1 sector, and region.
  • Sample recruitment and screening,
  • Piloting the questionnaire, and implementing corrections and adjustments,
  • Recruitment and training of field staff,
  • Conducting the enterprise survey via face-to-face interviews and performing data quality management,
  • Preparing datasets and documentation for data usability, and weekly progress reports with specific information on estabilshments contacted, screened, interviewed and replaced, adhering to the preference ranking set by the Enterprise Surveys global methodology.

This enterprise survey is being conducted for the purpose of benchmarking/tracking specific business environment indicators, measuring effects of reforms on specific firm-level performance indicators, assessing resource efficiency indicators and constraints to private-sector growth, as well as evaluating climate change adaptation and mitigation levels within Greece. The survey is scheduled to be completed by March 2019.

More information on the Enterprise Surveys can be found here.