The first three-day international conference exclusively for oil, gas and pipelines, the “2010 Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference”, took place in Greece under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change. It was hosted and managed by Kapa Research at its headquarters in the Hypatia Mansion, and co-organized by a news organization in the field of oil and natural gas, MEES, Energy Stream CMG, and the University of Piraeus.

Keynote speakers at the conference were:

– Mr. Natiq Aliyev, Minister of Energy & Industry, Azerbaijan

– Mr. Hassan Zeinab, Deputy Minister of Oil, Syria

– Dr. Tina Birbili, Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Greece

– Dr. Louka Katseli, Minister of Economy & Competitiveness, Greece, and

– Dr. Giannis Maniatis, Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Greece

The  conference  also gathered  leading companies in the global energy market and highlighted the potential of Greece as a transit country for trade in petroleum and natural gas, as well as a hub for energy relations between East and West.

Top executives of oil and gas, and experts from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Syria, Qatar, Italy, Switzerland, Britain, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece discussed the recent developments and the future of the oil industry and gas in the region. Speakers such as: Yannis Costopoulos, CEO, Hellenic Petroleum, Spyros Paleoyannis, Vice President & Deputy Directors, DEPA Paparsenos George, CEO, DESFA, Roberto Potì, Executive Vice President Edison SpA, Vladislav Emelyanov, CEO & Chairman of the Management Board , Trans-Balkan Pipeline BV, Kjetil Tungland, Managing Director, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG, Hady Fahmy, President, Egyptian Chamber of Petroleum & Mining, Michael Earle, CEO, VEGAS OIL & GAS, Saleh Jallad, Chairman, MEES, Marc Partridge, Managing Director, Gazprombank, Ali Biniaz, Head of Center for Energy & International Economy Studies, IPIS, Mahmood Khaghani, Director, Business Development & Int’l Relations, North Drilling Co., John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist, Platts, anaferthikan developments to under – construction pipelines, sustainable growth in oil and gas, and international cooperation to ensure energy.

The conference was sponsored by the company Hellenic Petroleum, TAP, CCC, VEGAS OIL & GAS, DEPA DESFA EDISON, INDAGRO & AKFEL GROUP.