In this context, and in order for the company to maintain a high level of provided services, it implements a “control and management system” based on nine principles:


Statement of quality policies and objectives for the quality used by the company to all its partners, in order to make that clear to the last link in the production chain.


Focus on the customer, by giving emphasis on customer satisfaction and ensuring that all needs and customer requirements are determined, including those that are not understood and specified precisely by the customer.


Clarification of roles and responsibilities of executives, so that they are clear between job positions and the organizational structure of the company.


Proper resource management in each project, depending on its special characteristics to ensure both quality of work and also customer satisfaction.


Implementation of documented procedures, standards and scientific tools to ensure effective planning and implementation of individual actions required for each project.


Control of project processes and tools used, so that any potential deviation is reviewed and corrected.


Constant evaluation of results and methodology and compliance with the applicable requirements.


Constant contact with the client and measurement of customer satisfaction.


Constant learning and innovation, and for this reason the company places great emphasis on the introduction of knowledge from international organizations active in the areas of interest, as well as, on the continuous training of its personnel.

Kapa Research is a member of SEDEA (Association of Opinionand Market Research Companies) and of ESOMAR (the World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals), and complies with their codes of conduct.