The company has a robust network of infrastructure and facilities in Athens (Metaxourgeio and Patision Ave.), Thessaloniki and Bucharest, Romania. Recently, the company developed new call centers in the building located at the junction of Patision Ave. and Ipirou St., known as Megaro Ypatia (Hypatia Mansion), which extends to four foors, covering 1,198 sq. meters indoors. The entire facilities are company owned and consist of modern offices, large call-centers, various meeting rooms and spacious event venues.

The company has 4 call centers (2 conventional of SIEMENS technology with capacity of 300 seats and 2 IPcall centers 3COM with capacity of 1,500 seats). The technological infrastructure is managed and supported by a special in-house ΙΤ department.

The premises are described below:

Megaro Ypatia (Hypatia Mansion)

The Hypatia Mansion, situated at the junction of Patission Ave. and Ipirou St., is the only residential building made by architect Al. Nikoloudis. It was built in early 1900’s and is one of the very few examples of French neo-baroque in Athens. The building features call centers, offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, as well as event and presentation areas. The call center in the Hypatia Mansion has 120 fully equipped workstations and PBX with 150 city lines (OTE). The outdoor space and gamma-shape garden is accessible from both Ipirou St. and Patission Ave.


Offices and Call center – Metaxourgio

One of the company’s main call centers is located in Athens near the subway station of Metaxourgio. The offices have 60 fully equipped workstations, specifically formed for the conduct of field surveys via the call center of 60 city lines (OTE).


Offices and Call center – Thessaloniki

These facilities are located on Vas. Olgas Ave., in Thessaloniki, and are used for conducting field surveys in northern Greece. The call center has 60 fully equipped workstations and a call center with 60 city lines (OTE).

Call center technical characteristics

3Com Superstack III Communications System

2 XPBXs Siemens Realitis DX Communications System

Our call centers offer the following services:

  •  Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  •  Voice Call-management System (IVR)
  •  Automatic tracking and identification of system devices
  •  Receiver and voice messages management system
  •  Call diverting
  •  CTI system
  •  Call Routing
  •  Monitoring-conference call
  •  Call recording
  •  Call center management software