Kapa Research develops considerable activity in the Balkan countries representing the largest Greek firms.

Conducts the first Exit Poll in Greece on behalf of ANTENNA TV during the repeat election in the Second Electoral Prefecture of Athens.

Advances its infrastructure through the establishment of three call centers in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Crete.

Kapa Research successfully supports the work of the Greek government in response to the devastating earthquake in Athens, handling over 100,000 calls from earthquake victims in 20 days, directly addressing a variety of problems following the earthquake.

Development of innovative citizen services with the creation, organization and operation of the telephone line 1464.

Further advancement of company infrastructure: purchase of new premises of 4,500 sq. meters and integration of telecommunications and IT equipment of high technology.

Design and operation of the first Citizen Service Center (ΚΕP), inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Greece in Syntagma Square. Design of the ΚΕP network throughout Greece, and operation of the first 10 Centers.

Design, development, organization and management of the first operating e-government system in Greece, the “Athens Network (195)”, consisting 7 Citizen Service Centers and a call center, servicing citizens of Athens. Today the Athens Network has offered services to more than 1,000,000 Athenians.

Information and services for the Athens Olympic Games visitors; operating the telephone line “185” in six languages (Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian).

The company expands its operations in Southeast Εurope with the establishment of branches, exporting its expertise in its operating fields.

Kapa Research successfully supports the work of the Greek government in countering the effects of the devastating fires of August 2007, operating the telephone line for the support of fire victims “1555”. The call center managed over 30,000 calls from immediately affected citizens, arranging compensation issues and addressing special cases.

Successful completion of the first and only social survey focusing on the Greeks of Diaspora, in collaboration with the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University. The sample exceeded the number of 15,000 Greeks abroad, covering all 5 continents.

Kapa Research establishes its head offices in the newly rennovated Megaro Ypatia (Hypatia Mansion).

Organization and development of the new Health Map, through which Kapa Research undertook the census of 40,000 points in the private sector that are directly or indirectly related to health and welfare services.

Planning, development, management and operation of the System for Recording Para-clinical Tests (e-diagnosis.gr), on behalf of the Public Servant Insurance Fund (OPAD), the first electronic system of recording para-clinical examinations,which manages 18,000 Primary Healthcare Providers and 4,000 Secondary Healthcare Providers from the private sector.