Kapa Research operates in the fields of market research, public opinion surveys, election polls, radio audience measurement, press readership, call-center management, and provides services in the fields of strategic consulting, human resource development, regional development, and project management, to both private and public sector clients.

For over two decades, Kapa Research is one of the leading companies in the fields of market research, strategic communications and operational planning in Greece and Southeast Europe.

Driven by the value of strong performance, the company designs innovative and effective services, on the basis of operational integration. Combining creativity, strategy, credibility, and international experience, Kapa Research offers its clients the opportunity to achieve their objectives in an ever-changing economic and social environment.

The strategic goal of Kapa Research is providing continuous input to the needs of major media outlets, government agencies and organizations, domestic and multinational firms, investors, and non-government entities from around the world.

In this context, the company collaborates with leading companies and academic institutions in Europe and the United States, specializing in the fields of social research, politics, international relations, advertising, telecommunications, new technologies, and marketing.

Besides measuring credibly and reliably, Kapa Research,develops tools aimed at improving its products and services. The foundation on which the company builds high quality and reliable services is the value and respect to staff and partners, as well as the constant adoption and use of new technologies and modern business practices.