The nationwide survey on Liberalism in Greece was conducted in October 2020 on behalf of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The survey report includes findings on:

  • Emotions, values ​​and degree of public trust with regard to political institutions and various other aspects of politics in Greece
  • Attitudes and perceptions of public opinion on the major issues concerning the country’s foreign policy
  • The role of the state in relation to human rights and the free market
  • The role of religion and the degree of tolerance towards different doctrines
  • Perceptions on women and homosexuality
  • Views on immigration
  • The role of the Mass Media in upholding freedom of the Press in the era of fake news
  • Concerns and perceptions on issues related to citizens’ data privacy
  • Liberalism as an ideology, its popularity, and its representatives in the local political arena

See the full survey report here

See the summary of findings here.