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Greek Youth Survey 2021

Greece’s Gen-Zers and millennials: their concerns, ideology, and aspirations, as captured by the latest nationwide survey of people aged 17-39.

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Kapa Research operates in the fields of household & enterprise surveys, marketing research, public opinion polling, audience measurement, call-center management, and provides services in the areas of strategy consulting, human-resources development, and data management, to both private and public-sector clients since 1990. Maintaining strong partnerships with academic institutions and substantial capacity in socio-economic research, it is considered one of the leading survey organizations in Greece and Southeastern Europe. Our core day-to-day business involves design and implementation of surveys that inform public debate, social science, and public policy –on the one hand– and developing managerial, communication and technological solutions that improve organizations’ effectiveness, on the other. This is fed by our guiding motivation: not only collecting but also translating data into policy and practice.

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