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Global Survey on Climate Change

With the occasion of the "2008 Athens Summit on Climate Change and the Energy Crisis", Kapa Research conducted a survey in 9 countries worldwide. The survey captured views and attitudes of citizens on the following topics:

    1. The 'greenhouse effect' and its impact

    2. The crisis in oil prices

    3. Alternative energy sources

    4. Environmental policies

    5. The role of civil society in saving energy and protecting the environment

The sampled population was drawn from the following countries:

    - EU (Greece, UK, Germany, Italy, France)

    - USA

    - Canada

    - China

    - Russia

The total sample of the survey was 12,965 people.

Presentation of the survey's results was made by Kapa Research scientific advisors George Sakellaris, Director of the National Research Foundation, and Antigone Lyberaki, Professor of Economics at Panteion University. 

You can find the survey report attached below.

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